Feeling stuck in your leadership role and not sure how to navigate workplace conflicts?

- I understand.

Hi, I'm Chris. Your new executive coach. 

I have over two decades of experience in various roles, including employee, manager, founder, peer-reviewed author, and consultant. As a Professionally Certified Coach and Licensed Professional Engineer, I now serve as the Founder of Empowered Synergy Executive Coaching. I work with organizations to develop sustainable leadership behaviours and navigate transitions.
Our Mission

Unlock the full potential of personalized executive coaching and experience transformative growth.


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Leadership development isn't a one-size-fits-all journey. That's why our coaching approach is tailored to your unique needs, goals, and learning preferences. Let's craft your roadmap to success.

Optimize Your Team

Maximize your team's potential, allowing you to focus on seizing complex opportunities that significantly enhance your bottom line.

Your success story starts here.

Let's craft a narrative of growth, resilience, and sustainable achievements together.

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Our Coaching Process



Together, we'll create a customized coaching plan designed to address your objectives and leverage your strengths. Through regular sessions and ongoing support, we'll work closely to implement strategies and develop skills that drive meaningful progress.

3. Achieve Results

With our focused and personalized approach, you'll see tangible improvements in your leadership, team performance, and overall organizational impact. Experience the transformative power of coaching and achieve the sustainable success you desire. Gain confidence in your everyday life as you develop and attain your success.


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"My Transformation has been nothing short of life-changing"

"The transformation I underwent, from tunnel vision to a broader leadership perspective, has been nothing short of life-changing! Engaging with a coach with an engineering background brought a unique dynamic to our sessions. Chris understood the intricacies of my profession and the challenges I faced within it. This shared background allowed us to delve deeper into discussions directly related to my career, making the coaching experience more meaningful and relevant."

-Sina D. Project Engineer, The Boring Company

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"I suffered from getting lost in the daily demands of my job"

"I recognized that while I had an excellent idea for long-term growth, it would never become a reality unless I did something about it. Only 30 minutes once a week with Chris gave me the focus and direction I was looking for. Within four sessions with Chris, he had me clarify short and long-term goals and a blueprint for achieving them."

- Bill G. Program Director, Faculty of Graduate Studies University of Calgary

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"We faced a lot of transitions in leadership, with new and emerging leaders stepping into bigger roles"

"I wanted an outside observer to guide us through new projects and strategic thinking.  The coaching sessions changed the game for me. I gained confidence and a stronger voice. Role plays allowed me to tackle concerns head-on and present ideas effectively. Now, I can portray my abilities with confidence.  My program aligns better with our organization's direction. I now think creatively, push boundaries, and explore new possibilities."

- Grant K, Director, CUPS Calgary

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