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Technology and engineering industries have gone through decades of transition.  The most successful organizations will continue to adapt, change, and transition through transformative leadership that spurs technological and social innovation.

How will your organization evolve?  

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It's No Secret

Swaths of industries are facing disruption and there's still lingering uncertainty of what a recovery looks like

In our current economic climate if you want your organization to succeed, you’ve got to ensure that your leaders can adapt and thrive in a highly dynamic and competitive industry. You’ve got to focus on solutions instead of doing what most companies do – point fingers and complain about the problem.

Success is no longer based on profitability alone. It’s determined by your willingness to create a culture of innovation, creativity, and engagement with all of your stakeholders to produce sustained bottom-line results.

Hey, I'm Chris

As an engineer with 14+ years of experience in the energy sector I know what it’s like to want to fast-forward past the soft skills and get to that part that tells me what to do, how to do it and why it’s done that way.

But as a coach, I know that ingenuity comes in two forms – technical and social. Organizations who see the greatest success are the ones that can engage their entire workforce.

Today’s top leaders cultivate a culture of team players focusing on cohesiveness and purpose of the group rather than trying to adapt to outdated styles on leadership – approaches like “it’s my way or the highway” and “trust me, I have experience” that diminish their relationship with their peers and employees.

If you are an emerging leader, engineering manager/director, Vice President, or CEO, I’ll provide the blueprint that can help you plan your organizational strategy. I will guide you to build a shared vision between you and your team so you can grow your business right now by being a proactive, technical, and people focused leader.

Empowered Synergy

Executive Success and
Business Coaching

Empowered Synergy is for the emerging engineering/technology leader who seeks to gain a competitive advantage. I will help you accelerate your career to optimize your creativity, personal efficiency, and balance between your professional and personal lives.  Through business coaching in Calgary I enable you to take your place as an effective and innovative leader of your organization.


Develop a customized step by step strategy based on your organizational and personal goals. Achieve results that will differentiate you within your industry while engaging your organization for sustained success

Workshops and Facilitation

Involve your team to create synergy and achieve results through team/group coaching

Technical Training Strategy

Develop the capacity of your people without breaking the bank. Invest in a technical training strategy to create a sustainable solution for your people



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