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Performing a routine mindsweep is an excellent way to download your tasks and then formuate a plan to get things done.  Click the link to access the trigger list.  Buy the audiobook if you like what you see.  If you have a Spotify subscription you can access the ‘GTD’ podcasts. 

Personality Reference Patterns

Part of being in an organization is working with people.  Recognizing certain personality types will help you interact more effectively with others.  This will enable you to be more productive and get more from your team while engaging them.                                    

When people I coach say that they are too busy I often ask them “who is the busiest person in the world?”  – often they say it’s the President of the United States.  For Perspective, take a look at Bill Clinton’s schedule above.  What are some of the ideas from this reference that you can implement in your life?


As engineers, sometimes connecting with others is not come naturally to us.  When we assume positions of leadership and technical prominence we are entrusted to develop and support others in their development.  Dr. Brene Brown has an excellent video on empathy.  If we can infuse some of this empathy into our daily conversations what would that look like for your organization?  

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Frequently asked questions

Yes.  I would coach non-engineering clients if it’s the right fit for both parties.  In fact, I have coached others with medicine, financial services, and information technology backgrounds. The initial consultation is to determine what is the right solution for you.  If I am not an ideal fit for you, I can refer you to other coaches that would best serve your interests or discuss options that may not include coaching.

I am interested in providing a solution to your objectives.  This solution may or may not involve coaching. I assess fit by the following process:


    • Conduct an introductory discussion with you regarding your objectives and opportunities
    • Administer an intake questionnaire to obtain mutual clarity on your goals 
    • Discuss measurables and key performance indicators that will best serve you 
    • Consideration if coaching is right for you based on your situation
Coaching is a forward focused non-directive conversation which is intended to hold the client capable of finding the solution.  The best way I can explain this is the example of a professional athlete and their coach. Much like you, the athlete has the capability to achieve their greatness.  The coach simply helps harness that ability in the optimal direction.   

This is different than mentoring (yielding the benefit of experience from one to another), consulting (advising), managing (directive), and counselling (probing into the past). 

In any coaching engagement you must put in the work.  Coaching can be instrumental to keeping you accountable, keeping you open to perspectives and increasing your effectiveness in all facets of your life. 

I have obtained a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) credential from Royal Roads University.  I also hold an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation from the International Coaching Federation.  My experience is comprised of over 200 hours of in class coaching instruction as well as over 150 hours of direct coaching experience.  I have directly coached over 70 individuals throughout my coaching career.    

I am currently a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Calgary ICF Chapter.

What all of this means is that you can be assured that I have the knowledge and skills and experience to coach.  I have been adjudicated by two different organizations.   Furthermore,  I will uphold the ethical standards as an professional engineer and as a coach registered with the ICF. 

Executive coaching is generally different in that the professional aspirations of the client tend to be more prominent in the coaching engagement.  As such the themes tend to, but not exclusively, have a business focus.

A good coach, coupled with a client who is ready and willing, can lead to spectacular results.  These results can mean a sustained competitive advantage for your organization through personal effectiveness, innovation, organizational cultural shifts, .  This is the reason why I assess for fit.  Take me up on a no obligation consultation to receive some clarity on your next steps for you and your organization.

I am a coach that prides myself on being deliberate, and challenging, while being supportive and connection focused.  Don’t be surprised to be called out and challenged to think out outside of the box.  You will be engaged to develop a game plan with monthly deliverables to achieve in service of your big goals.  We will check in with your progress regularly and make adjustments when needed. 

I am the right coach for you if you are motivated to develop a tangible plan that will align with your big goal.  Let’s dream big and achieve that wildly successful outcome!  

The immediate value I bring to your organization can be quantified by time and money.  Many of my clients report that I have guided them to focus on what is truly important to them and thus they are able to save time.  I understand that you are an extremely busy leader.  Your time is valuable and so I ask you to consider the following: 

If you were to buy a product that would save you 5% of your time, how much would that be worth to you?  What if the upside was greater than 5%?  What if that same 5% could be leveraged across your all of your direct reports?  What would that be worth to you?  What are you leaving on the table by not taking action on an opportunity to save time?   

Other relevant value I can provide through my coaching, as applicable to your targets, is increased quality of services/product, and increased quantity (including service volume, customers, market share) . 

Training is an important component of your professional development in terms of gaining awareness of technical subject matter.  When you are ready to build on your awareness, particularly with leader behaviours and team interactions, a sustained approach to your development may be more effective.  Some professional development is structured that you receive a concentrated dose of knowledge over the course of a week.  The application of knowledge to thoroughly develop skills and experience requires deliberate time and practice.  Coaching can be used to receive insights on practice, adjust to challenging situations, and to sustain your effectiveness in those skills you seek to develop.  

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